How to save Microsoft Word or Excel file in PDF or XPS file

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Microsoft word and Microsoft excel it help us with our job like making a letter and for computing a data or doing some project. It’s simply getting the job easier. But what if your Boss or your Employer asks you to save such a PDF or XPS? Here are some steps to save in PDF or XPS.

Note: I am using 2007 version of Microsoft office in this tutorial.

Before we start you need to download this add-in to you Microsoft Office 2007 to allow you to export and save in PDF and XPS format. Microsoft Office 2007 PDF XPS add-in

How to save Microsoft Word or Excel file in PDF or XPS file:

  1. Open Microsoft Word or Excel document.
  2. Click the Microsoft Office button.
  3. Hover your cursor to Save As and click PDF or XPS.
  4. Choose your desired File name and type then click Publish.


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