How to copy someone’s blogger themes or template in easy steps

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You landed to a blog that is very attractive themes or template and you wanted to copy their themes and you as a blogger also wants to apply this theme to your blogspot.

But the BIG question is “Is it possible to copy someone’s blogger template?” the answer is NO because if you notice the code in blogger under –Theme Edit HTML the code is different when you view the page source code of a blogger.

Is there a code in View page source like the image above?


Note: You can still copy the template of a blogger if you luckily find the name of the template at its source.

Steps how to copy someone’s blogger themes or template in easy steps
  1. Go to a blog site you want to copy or use their template.
  2. Right click then choose View page source or Ctrl+U.
  3. See screenshot
  4. In the image you will notice the name of the template, designer, source of the template where to download.
  5. Now search the name of the template in internet or visit the site of the designer “” and search the name of the template “Clean Shift Blogger Templates” and download it.
  6. Login to your Blogger account , go to Themes and click Backup / Restore and choose the template you downloaded while ago and upload.
  7. Visit you blog and see the changes.
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  1. Parag Jyoti Lahkar

    May 6, 2020 1:52 pm

    If the user has removed these? is there any way to identify the template?


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