How to create SSL config in http injector

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Ill teach you how to create your own SSL ehi.

Note: I will sun sim payload in this tutorial and android phone but you can try any network like Globe, TM, Smart and TNT you only need a working payload.


Steps on how to create SSL config for HTTP Injector

Step 1. HTTP Injector Apk

We need http injector, you can download at google play store for android. If you already have just proceed to #3

Step 2. SSL Account

We need SSL account you can register here at phcyber public ssh or search the internet that provide free SSL VPN account.

Step 3. SSH Setting Set up

Open http injector and click the three dash line and select SSH Settings

  • SSH Host:
  • SSH Port: 443 (Note: use 443 port in all SSL config)
  • Username:
  • Password:

Step 4. Tunnel Type Set up

1. Click Tunnel Type and select SSL (stunnel) and click SAVE.

2. Now click SNI and input working payload (Note: I am using sum sim so I will use as our SNI and its working payload)

Step 5. Test and Export

1. Test your SSL config, under HOME click Start and select LOG to see if your SSL is connected.

2. Click and select Export Config

    • You can lock your config so that if you share your config to others, they cannot edit or view your secret payload.
    • You can also set your config for rooted and non rooted device, set expiry and put a note to your config on how to use or like what network is working, promo needed.
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That’s all hope it help you to create your own SSL ehi. Don’t forget to like my post and share to others.


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