How to hunt working payload


How to hunt working payload for your network promo in HTTP Injector

This tutorial lets you learn how to hunt working payload for your network like Globe,TM, Smart,Talk n’ Text and Sun.

The payload is very important in HTTP Injector it bypass the restriction of your promo.

Example, if your promo is ML10 in Talk N’ Text you can only play mobile legends with 200MB allocation of data. But if you use HTTP Injector with working payload it will bypass the promo like accessing the internet, downloading, streaming with up to 500MB to 1GB.



Step on how to hunt a working payload

  1. First go to this site
    1. This is where you input the website you want to check.
    2. Click Check and wait for the result.
    3. These are the site that hosted on the same server. that you check while ago, copy all and proceed to number 2.
  2. Go to this website and check the status response of the website you copied while ago in step number 1-3
    http status code checker
    1. Input the url you copied while ago in step number 1-3.
    2. Click Submit and wait for the response to be appear.
    3. These are the response we check and we are only looking for 200 response status for our payload.

That’s all hope it help you to find a working payload for your network and have a free internet, also don’t forget to share this post.

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