How to share data or MB in TNT and Smart

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Smart and TNT has a great feature like sharing your data with your friends or love one’s. Now you can send your shareable data to your family or friends.

How to use PASADATA in Smart and TNT:

  1. Register to any smart data promo or tnt data promo.
  2. To share data, text PASADATA <space> 11-digit TNT or Smart number <space><amount in MB>MB then send to 808
    • Ex. PASADATA 09123456789 200MB, then send to 808.
    • Wait confirmation text


  • There is a 1 pesos  transaction fee will be charged for every successful pasadata transaction.
  • The Promo is open to all in Smart, Smart Bro and TNT prepaid subscribe only.
  • Minimum amount  of data MB to share is 15MB.
  • Shared MB is valid for 24 hours only.
  • You can not send back or share the data MB you received.

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