How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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Learn how to create a website with an easy step by step guide for beginners. No coding required like HTML/CSS or read long tutorials that hard to get.In this guide I will show you how to build a website using WordPress.

WordPress is very user friendly 1 click install, and your site is now built and what only to do is to customize and make content to your site and that what is WordPress is.

Table of contents

1. Web hosting and domain name

2. Set up your website

3. Design your website

4. Add content to your website

Let’s start!

Step 1. Web Hosting and Domain Name

In order to make your website alive we need this two things web hosting and domain name.

Domain name: a web address like

Web hosting: We need this to store our files like images, content of your website files and to make our site accessible via world word web.

Where to register web hosting and domain name?

There are lot of web hosting provider in internet but if you looking for cheap and affordable price to buy your domain name and web hosting I suggest NameCheap. Namecheap offer 0.99$ for the first year on their domain name with their selected TLDs. also in their hosting plan they have the cheapest hosting with 2.88$/month but they offer 1.44$/month for the first year.

Check also the cheapest hosting provider in my list and compare there price

  1. Capitan Hosting
  2. Crazy Domain
  3. Hostinger

Sign up for Web hosting and register Domain name:

Setting up Domain Name:

1. Go to your preferred hosting site provider (Example: )

2. Type you desired domain name in a search box and pres enter or click search button. (Example: pisobrowse)

3. You will see if the domain name you search if available. Also the list of available domain name that you provide and its price per year with its domain name extension like .com, .net, .org and more. Just click the Add to cart

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  1. Choose your desired domain and click Add to cart.
  2. You’ll see your 1 year registration price and ICANN fee,  Just click View Cart.
    • If you want to change you domain name just hover to your cart and click X

3. In your shopping cart you’ll see domain registration like how many years want to register your domain name, auto renew, Private email and professional email like yourname@yourdomain.


Setting Up Web Hosting:

1. Click Hosting and wait to load the website.

2. Choose the right plan for you, If you want a cheap hosting plan choose shared hosting with stellar plan the cheapest hosting is 1.44$/month for 1 year registration after 1 year your it will become 2.88$/month. And when your ready click Get Started.

3. Click I want to use a domain in my cart click the drop down menu and select the domain you created while ago and click Continue.



4. Again In your shopping cart you’ll see your domain registration and your web hosting, I recommend 1 year web hosting to avail 50% 0ff to their hosting plan. If you have promo code just input and click apply and click Confirmed Order

5. Now you’ll be ask to create your account or login your account for existing users, After creating or login to your account will be proceed to payment option.

Step 2. Set up your website

After you created your account and pay for the domain name and web hosting, your hosting provider will send your account details to your email about your cpanel username, password and login address. If you don’t want to memorize your cpanel address, just add /cpanel for your domain name like this or like this

Once your are now in your cpanel dashboard look for or search for SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER below you will see some scripts but what we are looking is WordPress script, so click WordPress script and will be redirected to softaculous dashboard.

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how to install WordPress script in our site

1. Softaculous dashboard click the drop down menu and select Custom Install

2. Software Setup

  • Choose the latest WordPress version
  • Choose Installation URL:
    • Protocol: HTTP or HTTPS
    • Domain: Your domain name
    • Directory: leave it blank

3. Site Settings

  • Site Name: Name of your website (e.g.: Blog)
  • Site Description: What is the content of your site (e.g.: is blog for tutorials like free internet, blogging)
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU): If you have more than one site and want to manage at the same time check the box and if you only have one site leave it uncheck.

4. Admin Account

  • Admin Username: Your desired username (e.g.: PisoBrowse)
  • Admin Password: Your password
  • Admin Email: Your personal email like or any email provider your want. If you bought a private email to your hosting provider you can use it.

5. Plugin – Check Limit Login Attempts to prevent your site against bruteforce attacks by limiting the number of login attempts in your WordPress installation.

6. Advance Options – leave it default

7. Select Theme – choose your favorite theme and click Install.

8. After WordPress has been successfully installed your WordPress login URL is

Option: Want to customize your cpanel username? Just contact your hosting provider and ask for desired cpanel username.


Step 3. Design your Website

To design your website login to your WordPress dashboard: (replace with your domain) and input the correct details

Site Title and Tag Line:

The name of your site the explain what is the content of your site and to help the search engine find your site.

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To change your site title and tag line of your site, go to Settings → General and fill in the form.


1. On your sidebar look for  AppearanceThemes and access free themes and select your desired themes for your website or upload your own themes, to customize your theme, again in AppearanceCustomize.


Navigation menu where you input your categories, post, pages or links.

How to add menu, in your sidebar look for Appearance → Menus

  1. In your sidebar hover Appearance and click Menus
  2. Add name of your menu
  3. Check the post, page or categories you want to add to your menu or check Select All and click Add to Menus
  4. Check where you want to display your menu
  5. click Save Menu to take effect.


On your sidebar look for Plugin → Add New, important plugin to install area the following:

  • Akisment – is a WordPress plugin that helps prevent spam.
  • Yoast Seo – is a search-optimization plug-in for WordPress.
  • UpdraftPlus – Back up your WordPress content like themes, plugin, pages, post and etc.

After you install the plugin don’t forget to activate them.


Step 4. Add content to your website.

Once your website is ready and fully customize its time to add content  like pages and post.

To add pages, look for Pages in your sidebar and hover and click Add New.

To add Post, look for Post in your sidebar and hover and click Add New.

  1. The title of your post
  2. Save Draft: If you haven’t finish yet your article click save draft and your can resume later.
  3. Preview: If you want to see how your content look like
  4. Publish: If you think that your post or article if now ready click publish and your article will be visible to your viewers.


Our tutorial ends here!

Final word!

Keep improving your website!


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