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What is – A cryptocurrency site where you can earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. CoinSpiller offers tons of offers, games, jobs and daily challenges also offer daily bonus. Coinspiller is the best, highest paying faucet and instant payment to your account. Aside from highest paying faucet, easy to reach the minimum threshold with only 1000CS direct payment to your faucetpay and coinbase account. CS coin will be converted in satoshi.

First you need an account just register here httsp:// and verify your account. After verification I recommend to create also an account in and link your bitcoin address you use in your account so that your earnings will be send here.

Ways to Earn:

  1. Offerwalls – There are 17 sub category in this section like CoinSpiller-Wall, AdScendMedia, AdGateRewards, OpinionCapital, Enligne Survey, AdGem, PollFish, Revenue Wall, WallAds, WannAds, Personaly, OfferToro, KiwiWall  OfferWallAds, MinuteStaff and MediumPath where you can earn lot of CS to be converted in cryptocurrency like bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin and ethereum.
  2. Games – Rolutte and Arkadium Games and Videos.
  3. Videos and Task
  4. Lottery – Weekly and Monthly and earn up to 20000CS
  5. Challenges – Complete your daily challenges to earn extra CS
  6. Jobs –  in this section is the easy way to earn CS up to 2500CS.
  7. Faucet – Earn up to 10-155 satoshi per claim and the best is instant payment to
  8. Referrals – earn up to 20% of everything they earn.
  9. Daily Bonus

Payment Method: Faucetpay and CoinBase

Note: before you withdraw your

Payment Proof:

Faucet payment: Instant


CS coin Withdrawal: Processing


What I can say about this site is 100% LEGIT, lots of way to earn, tons of offers, best faucet and instant payment you should try it!



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