“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

by: Brian Clark


GLOBETM.NET is blog that offers free tutorials about free internet, blogging, android, VPN, computer and online earnings.

About Author

Mykel Zamora is my internet name I am the author and admin of GLOBETM.NET. I started to explore the internet when the famous globe fbt/ubt appear in different Pinoy forum there I started to created my first wapsite with a manual coding.

Why I named my blog as GLOBETM?

GLOBETM based on Globe and TM sim card that I often to use for globe fbt/ubt even if you don’t have load balance or 1 peso balance you can access the internet for free with some tweaks to your mobile phone.

Why do I create GLOBETM blog?

I created this blog because I was inspired by a famous bloggers here in Philippines and hoping that one day my blog will be in the top sites here in the Philippines.